The Importance of Carrier-Neutrality in Data Centres

A data center  is a centralized facility that manages, and stores accessible data for use by authorized parties. It is not uncommon for large organizations to have their own data centres. Yet smaller and mid-sized organizations also have data storage needs but lack the resources to set up an in-house data centre. Many resort to setting up small server rooms that may not have the ideal power and cooling required to maintain the equipment. Outsourcing data storage needs to a data centre facility, allows such organizations to have optimal storage of their data while keeping operational costs down. There are two types of Data Centre facilities, Carrier-based and Carrier-Neutral.

A carrier-neutral data centre is one that allows its customers to co-locate to any operator or carrier that is present in the facility. Most Data Centre tenants consist of content providers and non-carrier fiber optic cable operators. Their choice of operator or carrier may be based on, cost, security, infrastructure and capacity among other factors.

In carrier-based facilities, tenants have  few colocation and connectivity options. They are limited to the bandwidth allocation and prices set by the provider which may be less than ideal.  A carrier-neutral model allows for competition between carriers and operators for customers. This creates a virtual connectivity marketplace that improves service delivery.

Carrier-neutral facilities offer full redundancy for critical systems. They also provide flexibility due to the diverse networks covered by different carriers.   If you ever experience problems with your existing carrier, you could switch to a new one without having to move your equipment. In a carrier-based facility, you have two options. Either stick to the inefficiencies of the networks provided by the carrier and its partners or move your equipment to a new facility.

KOOBA Africa is a one-of-a-kind carrier-neutral data centre service provider in Kenya. Our first facility is currently under construction in Mombasa, Kenya and will offer premium co-location services.KOOBA banner for wordpress


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